Thursday, 20 February 2014

r a d i o

Conversations around food and cooking
People say you can hear us before you see us. Now you can hear us without even seeing us.
We have an uncontrollable excitement for food and cooking, and anything that goes along with it. We'd like to share this with you, and talk a bit about some of the things we love...
We've made this podcast of us cooking a couple of essential dishes, and setting a few things straight when it comes to salt and butter
Only listen to this when you have something good to eat...close by
Produced by Gary Fawle


  1. Your posts are mini masterpieces of existentialist epicureanism. I read the San Francisco chronicles in a single sitting.

  2. Had to get the dictionary out but thank you...i think x

  3. You are both like sea salt flakes, you make life taste better and more you add the better it gets x This is brill xx