take two

I have been away for a while wwoofing (willing workers on Organic farms).  It was very nourishing and calming.  (BTW the last failed email was not spiritual)… It was about being pregnant and Bonnie Prince Billy.  A. I am not and B.  Bonnie prince Billy had nothing to do with being pregnant.  However if A happened to me by B  I would be a pretty happy C.  I'm having a chuckle cause it looks like I'm calling myself a swear word.

I got back yesterday.  I did a stupid thing… I bought cereal for breakfast.  That’s what I do in San Francisco I have my pastry and coffee in a bakery.  What the hell was I thinking?   So I awoke this morning and its bloody granola with ginger (that’s why I bought it, its got real stems of ginger in it) but its very sweet so I had 3 bowls cause I can’t stop when it’s sweet.  Feeling minging I walked out not knowing what to do… so I went for a swim in the sea and a sauna in the swimmers clubs shed.   I walked into the sauna with my swimming suit on and they were all naked.  “Shit”, I pretended I needed the toilet, took my swimsuit off and then walked in naked.   And sat very uncomfortably for what seemed like a lifetime with a bunch of over 60’s.  I then got told off by one of them for having the shower on whilst not using it… I was looking for my swimming suit, which I had misplaced in the earlier drama.  It’s very embarrassing being told off when you’re naked.

I then decided to come back to my room and get rid of that cereal; it’s been on my mind all day.  So I ate it, which was not the plan but it’s gone. And I know what I'm doing tomorrow morning.

I JUST WANT TO ROLL SOME FECKING PASTRY,  and put a little bit of chocolate in it.

Kim what are you doing, you missing me?


Of course i'm missing you, i am so hot. we are having a lot of fun but obviously i wish you were here too. i am on the caribbean coast now. we are going to get some fresh fish from the harbour and grill it. it will be sweet as. seafood central. glad you've come around, kind of, i was slightly concerned about you,  whether or not you have redeemed yourself is not for me to say...

miss you muchos x

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