Garlic shrimp Burrito

Garlic shrimp Burrito
I woke up at 5 am and couldn’t get back to sleep because I was really hungry and someone kept moaning outside (intermittently). So I lay awake for 2 hours anticipating the next groan and that chocolate croissant I was going to be having from Tartine (the whole reason I came to bloody San Francisco, which I have to say is becoming more ridiculous by the hour actually lets say minute, My days are going pretty slowly).
So, I had my Chocolate croissant in Tartine but I forgot a napkin. They were still warm and the chocolate was gooey and really quite messy to eat (for me) as I like to get a good bit in at once and I was getting really flaky and I could feel my face covered I kept wafting it with my hands, discretely (it’s a fancy place), which were to, full of flakes and chocolate and RED…“I’ve got my bloody lipstick on,” First day in San Francisco, I thought I should wear it “ I bet its right up my face” I could have got up and got a napkin but these are the things I find difficult to do. The normal things in life I get embarrassed by). So I struggled on not enjoying this moment like I should have been, just imagining the red smeared up my nose and chocolate on my forehead…let me say again the whole reason I’m in Bloody San Francisco.
So after touching my face a good a few times (they don’t have a toilet I had to feel it was clean) I asked for a job at Tartine. I might have one I might not ill know by the end of the week. To be honest I could probably teach myself.
The reason I titled this email garlic shrimp burrito is because that is what I had for lunch. It was delicious but again I felt socially awkward… I dropped a tortilla chip on the floor (No big deal but I felt utterly humiliated!)

Kim's reply.....

Katie, i cannot believe that you are writing to me on the second day with such a longest letter i have ever recieved from you (more than a sentence). This worries me. Why are you getting flustered over a chip? you need to get in there and eat that croissant like you have that job. People aren't looking at you because you look like an animal, they're looking at you because you are an've only got a month! go get them tiger

p.s i am probably going to costa rica on monday, tom bugs is having another gig on saturday and i paid the vegetable bill

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