My mouth is starting to taste funny it’s been closed for so long. I’m getting a bit bored now!

Tartine are not allowing me to work with them. But I’m meeting up with one of the bakers, she wrote to me and asked if I’d like to go and talk to her about baking on Tuesday. I replied, saying yes, would she like to meet at tartine or somewhere else. We will meet at Tartine at 4. I think she might have thought I was coming on to her.
My book at the moment is “Tender is the night” Rosemary is in love with Mr. Diver and he is married. Rosemary cries and cries and cries on her mothers lap and her mum says that if she is in love it ought to make her happy and she should be bouncing. A bit like Tartine and me. I should be happy to love Tartine and although it didn’t work out it forced me to do my first long haul flight!
I am eating a lot of the title. Every time I eat them I say to myself why eat toffee when you can eat dates, every time. They are so gooey here and massive and I pretend it’s a sweetie (like those really healthy annoying whole food women do).

x x x x

kim's reply....

i don't know what you're doing reading books with titles such as "tender is the night" i'd say thats your first mistake...i am leaving tonight, i don't want to, i'm pretty scared, i have to meet gabby in a different country, its going to be a disaster! tartine is a blow but isn't there loads of ace bakery's in san francisco? get on the bike and come and rescue me.

much love x

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