Doughnut with maple and bacon

On Thursday night I decided to go out for a beer and I ended up drunk.
So when I woke up this morning It wasn’t dark and I wasn’t organized for my bakery destination so I packed my swimming costume and headed for Golden Gate bridge. A man decided he to was going to have a swim (I haven’t had one yet) and takes all his clothes off. I find this slightly awkward because i'm the only other person on the beach. He doesn’t bloody swim he just prances around up to his shins (he could have left his t shirt on, actually he could have left all his clothes on). Once he has had enough of wetting his ankles he walks back diagonally, away from his stuff, so that he can walk past me. I’m trying not to look at him but it’s hard when all you have to look at is the golden gate bridge. AAAARRGH I’m going to have to say hello. He is too close for me not to. So he stops, I’m sitting down and he is standing up, his penis is right at my nose. I try very hard to make him think I am unfazed by his nakedness and I tell him to get back in the Sea and properly swim, that doesn’t work he stays. Oh I really don’t feel like looking at his willy but I keep checking, just to make sure nothing is happening down there. This hypothetically could have been a dangerous situation. After deliberating I decide to leave and I fast climb up the rocks imagining him running after me. I later get my swim in the most public place I can find the dog walkers and joggers route, just along the path. I carefully do the knickers trick and get my swimming costume on. I walk in and I can feel people looking, I’m the only bather. “ Do it Katie You have to now, but I remember sharks, bugger it i'm in” I didn’t bring a towel so I stand waiting to dry whilst all the very prim American ladies stare concerned, in my direction.
The doughnut above was because I told an old man I was a baker and he made me go to the hut and have that title, I couldn’t not he was watching me. I want to find somewhere that does really crispy doughnuts with cream and ice cream.
kim's reply
i've booked my tickets to costa rica! i was really nervous but not anymore as my folks sent me an email about what i should do out there
"Don’t buy drugs and if drugs are offered, tell the staff of the establishment and go to a safer place." it's kinda good that you are having a lame time, it makes for better reading...but the only way is up! what's going on with tartine?
ps that doughnut sounds delightful
pps dont go swimming again

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