Cheeseburger with everything.

Cheeseburger with everything.
So I wake up again at 5am with the same scenario as yesterday, but different bakery… Today I am going to a bakery on Valencia St.
I get up at 7 (like yesterday) I’m afraid of the dark in San Francisco, which I am trying to overcome BTW. And I make my way down to this new bakery I have now heard about. I have my mohair jumper on, my Russian looking acrylic hat and my scarf… 5 minutes in I take off the scarf, cause I'm picking up pace in sheer excitement. You see this is the best part of my day because here, at least, I have a mission. Once my morning pastry is had I feel like there is no reason for me to be in SAN FRANCISCO... So it takes a good forty minutes for me to walk there (I’m walking everywhere, I cant get to grips with the public transport) I can feel the sweat lightly drip onto my neck but I didn’t think it was too bad. I find my bakery and I go in… Shit from out to in I feel a massive difference and it’s too late I cant walk out it would be like getting a napkin! So I look like I’m reading some notice on the board and pray that this sweat will stop. But I can feel it going down the side of my face and I touch my forehead and it’s drenched as is my upper lip, back neck, front neck and chin. I look down and a little girl is staring at me, she is about 3. I look bloody weird, I know I do. I get a cinnamon bun and a black coffee and I sit at the window, which is streaming with sunlight…but I daren’t move
Kims reply....
K a t i e whats going on? pull yourself together. Am i to expect an essay from you everyday?

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