Buttermilk chicken with spicy coleslaw in a French roll

Kim I felt the same and by the way it doesn’t change. I didn’t want to go and still don’t want to go but I’m here and it’s not that bad. You will get to the other country with ease. I panicked when I arrived at the airport that I wouldn’t know how to get back to the airport, silly bugger!
By the way something has happened to me. I have bought three books since being here; “Hockney Paints the Stage”, Gertrude Stein, “three Lives” and “Tender Buttons” and Kurt Vonnegut, “ slaughter House 5”. And I have made friends with the bookshop man. I am a changed woman, I don’t fancy the bookshop man, if that’s what your thinking. I am an intellect.

I went for a run this morning, down by the waterfront and I noticed a group of old men swimming. Tomorrow morning I’m going to join them. This will give me purpose to being in San Francisco. I’m going to meet the baker from Tartine tomorrow as well. You never know I might persuade her to let me make some croissants for the next four weeks. People usually say No to begin with, don’t they? My mum did.
Every time I hear music I think it’s telling me something and I get really emotional. Today it was that song “ we are never ever getten back together cause your boyfriends talk to my girlfriends and we are never ever…” I quite like it. I heard this in a thrift shop, which by the way every time I enter I instantly need the toilet cause I get so excited, it’s very annoying cause obviously I have to leave. TK Max has the same effect on me.
My title was utterly delicious and I ate it with ease no awkward moments, I ordered with direction and afterwards I told them it was great and of course, they replied with “why thank you have an awesome day” which I always want to reply with, “ it’s over its fecking night time turn off auto pilot you bunch of little shits!” I’m sure it’s coming give me another week.


kim´s reply....

i hate to burst you´re bubble katie (obviously not to much)you have to read more than three books to become an "intellect" but i spose you were just about there anyway! i am too tiered to write, im here though and gabby is stuck in another country but thats cool, i have met a girl from san fransisco who writes for the paper there...i said you were...interesting..... she´s flying back tomorrow, i must go and sleep, it´s weird we´re on the same island, again. will hopefully find my pal soon. let me know how the meeting goes x

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