¼ of a chicken with fried potatoes and lime.

¼ of a chicken with fried potatoes and lime.

Kim how have you made friends already? 

My meeting with the baker from Tartine was embarrassing.  She kept saying words that I didn’t know.  One of them was étagère pronounced in American,
St-ah-jj, which is seemingly a French word for what I want to do.  So I said, “Ok so do I say, hello I would like to st-ah-jj?” and she said, “No.  Maybe you should look it up, you can Google it” I replied “Oh, ok how do you spell it” and she looked at me kind of funny and spelt it but really quickly so I still don’t know it.  Then she started going on to me about starting at the bottom, as if I don’t know this concept.   I then asked her if they used buttermilk, and she said sometimes in a really vague way, “ Oh what for” she was looking at me really funny now so I kept talking and she butted in and said,” maybe you should read this book, it’s about the basics I can’t guarantee it will be good read but it would be good for you to know what causes what to happen,” Oh this was because I said why do people use buttermilk instead of milk-It’s acidity incase anyone else doesn’t know.  So I will get this book but she was rather condescending, little does she know I have three books on the go and I'm friends with the guy who runs the bookshop. Then I said,” You know that pinky book on your shelf? Is that, like, a special Tartine book that you can only get here? Cause I know your other 2 but I haven’t seen that one”.   She said, “what one?” and I said, “You know, its kind of salmony pinky” she said “No that’s a colouring book.  For kids”.  I jokingly said,” Oh maybe I would be better of with that” she more or less agreed.

In protest to feeling utterly idiotic I went back this morning and had a morning bun and coffee and ducked every time I saw her.  Then in-between ducking I awkwardly waved and stuttered, “oh hello”  and she just looked at me blankly.  I’m going back tomorrow.

 My title was from a street cart like Katie and Kim’s kitchen, but made for the job.  It was incredible the skin was soooooooooo crispy and it was organic and I had a really spicy jalapeno with it.  I ate this first but quickly spat it out because I couldn’t breathe but I quite liked my mouth feeling hot whilst eating my potatoes and chicken.

BTW (by the way) Kim I Know how Tartine make their cinnamon buns, they call them morning buns… If I can get this right, Bristol you are in for a treaty treat treat!!

Kim's reply....

yeah katie thats a good idea, just keep going back, if in doubt, show face, again. The food here mainly consists of rice and beans! i would kill someone for a good coffee. Where are you staying? maybe you should stay in a dorm in a hostel in the city. it may not be your "style" but it's instant friends if that's what you need. although i met a panaman cage fighter that wasn't in a hostel though. get into a hostel, stay in there and don't come out. unless to show face . 

miss you x

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