ice cream i think

I have been eating alone a lot, which I don’t mind however the reason I bring this up is because I have noticed a pattern arising… I always feel like I’m going to choke. I think this is because A. There is no one to save me and B. The fear of humiliation. I understand, now, the whole “going to the toilet” cause you don’t want anyone to see you CHOKING. (Statistics prove that most people who die of choking die because they leave the table, so as not to cause a scene). The last time that chard went down a bit too slowly for comfort and my heart got up to that really fast rate in a millisecond and my cheeks were as flushed as kims when you mention the word Vagina. Well my first thought was “phew that would have been embarrassing” Not, “ fecking hell I could have died”. I probably did think that, cause I’m thinking that quite a lot here in San Francisco. Secondly is ice cream, when I eat this alone I cry, every time, three times! Its emotional, because usually you eat ice cream with people as a treat, "Oh lets all go get ice cream, I scream you scream we all scream for Ice cream" I can only get to the first part of that bloody poem. I always get a really big one aswell, and usually that would be a joke, "Oh look how big Katie's ice-cream is, do you think she'll manage all that" " Mum Look Katie's finished already" " Bloody Hell, katie, that was quick" "Can I get another one? Does anyone esle want another one?" " Your joking?" "No" "John, Katie wants another one" "On you go then Katie, get another one". "JOHN!" "Och Fiona, let her have another one".

Kim I think I’m going to go see mike Tyson live at the theatre. Will it be dangerous? I’m intrigued.
Kim´s reply...
Katie you have flipped, big time. Your structure is all over the place and your use of alphabet referencing is disconcerting.  Glad you are coming home soon. I am home soon also. We are heading to help out on an eco project in the mountains soon for a week.  If anything, it will give us some more victims to ridicule. We were in a small beach town before, a friend from glasgow joined us so we are now a force. We decided to take him for a night out to celebrate his arrivial. Weirdest night out ever... turns out if you are female you got free endless shots of tequilla! To cut a long story short I ended up on stage next to the dj (who gabby was letting hold her had as she wanted to hear beyonce) singing along in a micraphone to whatever he was playing, pointing at certain people and interupting myself by asking my pals (the only ones on the floor) if they could hear me to which they always could. I think the only reason he didn´t turn it off was because he didn´t know how, it was so dead it didn´t matter, or he was worried gabby would stop holding his hand.  I want us to play another gig when we get back. we´ll have to go on a hunt for tom beef.
miss you alot, cannae wait to cook together again x

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