Saturday, 19 April 2014

Guess who's back

In Katie's words,  if it's not stating the obvious...

Sometimes when I'm walking my eyes start to water and my nose gets really stingy and I find it hard to breathe, then when, finally, I catch that breathe I make an inward grunt. This is excitement and quite often it happens involuntarily and I don't know why I'm so excited, but this time I do.  Katie and Kim's Kitchen are opening their first shop.  Whooshes and whooshes of blood flow to my nose as I tell you this very exciting news.  Finally Kim and I are back in your 'hood! 

We are opening up on Picton Street, Montpelier. We are opening next door to Radford Mill Farm Shop. We will be serving delicious pastries and breakfast, coffees and lunches, and incredible late night dinners...we will be open in a couple of weeks (we hope).

Please spread the news as fast as you can and we can't wait to see you all very, very soon.


  1. This is the most wonderful news I have had in awhile....Good luck guys!! x

  2. AMAZZZINNNGGG Cant wait to be back in Bristol. First stop!!

  3. Woop woop! Salmon pink?

  4. oh ladies this making me very excited too!!! congratulations on the pink palace looking forward to seeing you for cheese scone very soon!!!! xxxxx

  5. Hay you girls. OMG sooooo excited for you guys. Question...when are you coming to Edinburgh though? xx

    Peace, oli