Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Kim's account of winning the British street food awards (katie's to follow once she learns to type)

Can we believe it? No, yes, no...even getting there was a mission and a half. I remember saying to Katie, I'm not worried what happens now, we're here and we're still alive! For the judges we cooked two dishes, for the snack category we entered toasted cheddar and rosemary scones and for the main dish we entered stovies (a dish we have in Scotland around midnight to enable us to keep drinking and dancing). Our stovies consisted of slow cooked beef, caraway, potatoes, rosemary etc finished with aioli and dill and served with a Shetland oatcake. I guess this year we cooked what we knew best and we were cooking hard, with just a couple of hours sleep at night, the main aim each morning was making sure we were dressed and out the door (which may explain the awful photos of us). 

What does winning the British street food awards mean to us? Myself and Katie are very passionate about what we're doing, but occasionally, especially this year, we have felt a little lost... we have a vision and we are having to make a lot of compromises to get there. Winning this award makes us feel like it's all worth it. What we do is good and it's worth the struggle to get where we want to be.

Thank you to all our amazing customers and to Richard Johnston for organising such a great event, his passion for street food is infectious. Thank you to the wise judges, to all our friends and family who have helped us over the years and thank you to Trinity for sponsoring the event and where we have won a month's trading from mid October to November...amazing.

And finally, yes, me and Katie are still friends after 18 hours a day of chasing our tails in a tiny box. We didn't even fall out all weekend! I think the most heated debate was about what should take up oven space, meringue or beef!...the beef won.


  1. Congratulations!
    I miss your lovely food.
    Love from Berlin,

  2. sweet thanks, hope you are happy over there x

  3. Only just caught up with this. So pleased, proud and happy for you both! Will we even be able to afford you again next year?! Well done, though - seriously. Very well deserved xx