Monday, 7 October 2013

Katie's tuppence worth (for those of you that still care)


KATIE:  Kim I need that oven high, can you get that meat out!
KIM:  Did you turn that up?
KIM: How long can I have the oven?
KATIE: Where’s the butter knife?
KIM: Don’t know
KATIE: Weird, you had it last
KIM: No I haven’t used it today, last time I used it was last night.
KATIE: Oh, here it is
KIM: Where is the tea towel? 
KATIE: I don’t know
KIM: Weird
KATIE: You finished with the oven?
KIM: Ah here it is, got it
KATIE: Do I look fat?
KIM; No. I feel pretty minging
KATIE: Look how filthy I am
KATIE: YEAH HAhahshshshahahahaha  

And that’s how it went for the whole weekend on loop!

And so, when the awards were being announced we were still working with that bloody oven! I decided to make more scones. Kim didn’t think I should cause the day was nearly over but I did, cause I’m intuitive. When we got called the winners (makes me tingle just thinking about it, I get Kim to reenact it every day) something happened to us! My arms became very straight and pushed outwards and Kim's hands started fanning like she was trying to put out a fire. I intermittently kept bending forwards and grunting and Kim kept saying, “I can’t believe it” and ran right past the stage. We then got passed the microphone to which I started to sing one of our songs from Auto bitch (our band)!  It then got taken off me and Kim said a few more times she couldn’t believe it and then it got taken off her.

We told all the people on the tube and followed a man with a dog cause Kim wanted to stroke it and tell the owner about the British St Food Awards. We told everyone in the kebab shop and no one looked round so we went to another kebab shop and let them know the news. They were slightly less unimpressed so we stayed there.

The next day our friend Tall towed us back to Bristol and he let Kim and I interrupt every conversation that wasn’t about the British St Food Awards with, “I cant believe it…Can you?” And then he judged us as we competed with one another in a singing contest for the remaining of the journey, which I reckon was a good hour and a half. 

So to round this babble up Kim and I are too excited. And yes we like competition and yes I like to make everything into one. But most of all we like cooking and we feel very touched by all of your kind words and encouragement and if you read this Richard Johnson, thank you for letting us compete and sorry for losing it on the microphone and anything else!

Tall often let Kim win.

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