Monday, 26 January 2015

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If you have a bit of life to waste and want to enhance your chances of an anxiety attack then this is for you.
Katie has kindly filled us in on her latest  "adventures" 
I’m on holiday and for some reason I seem to think that flying solo deserves a memoir. Well it's hot and the sea calls me every morning, afternoon and evening. I answer it in the morning and the afternoon, but not in the evening, as I'm alone and (actually this will be the next thing, I enjoy punishing myself) I’m too scared to night swim alone!  
The plane here was very nearly and, I'm not quite sure how, NOT missed.  I arrived home after a trip to London, half of it spent on a bus, quarter of it spent alone at a bar watching my friend work, and the other quarter watching my friend try to book me accommodation for my holiday.  I was in denial, I don't like flying and had not sorted anything out.  This denial continued when I got off the bus in Bristol. I phoned another friend for a drink which carried on until 1 in the morning.  I then cycled in search of chocolate revels far past my home address, which is already a good half hour cycle.  I didn't find revels so I cycled back down the hill home - yes I was going up hill for those revels.  It is now two thirty and I have done nothing.  So I try to check in on line, as Ryan air like us to do this.  They also not only want you to print your booking details but your boarding passes!  I didn't know this till three am and I do not have a printer.  I'm not panicked because I, kind of, don't want to go.  I pack my bag and I call a taxi to get me at four thirty AM and I go to bed.  I get up on time, the taxi comes, and he is very very nice.  I ask him if he can take me to a cash line which he does. I don't have my bank card!  Shit shit shit.  I get back in the taxi very nonchalant and ask to be driven back home. I find my card in my coat pocket and have a look for a scarf ( I just wanted to make sure I hadn't lost it).  I can't find it - slightly panicked about this.  I'd like to point out that I am not in the slightest bit panicked by my possible flight missing.  I go back to taxi and ask him if he has seen my scarf? No he hasn’t,  but panic over, I have! It’s in my bag.  We drive to the airport.  £30 for that, and for the lack of boarding pass £15 and thirty minutes trying to print the bloody thing on a shitty airport computer that eats your money. So actually total cost for boarding pass was £18 and a very near flight miss, Last call for boarding flight was called as I was being searched for danger.     
As I was running for the flight I was kind of hoping that I would miss it, but oh no here we go I'm on it and off I go! 
And here I am in the Canary Islands!

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