Tuesday, 3 June 2014

we are open

Here are some unedited memoirs by Katie, I didn't make it to the end, so good luck. The point is that we are now open in our new place at 39, Picton street Bristol, on Wednesday to Saturday 8am till 5pm and on Sunday 10am till 5pm. We don't take bookings but there will never be a long wait...at the moment

I think eating is very sexy and I'd like to talk about eating eclairs. Some people eat Eclairs like this; "Oh gees all this cream spilling everywhere, this rich chocolate. Goodness me what a treat and oh! How much butter is in this?  Oh God I won't need to eat for a week after this!" Of course I don’t think like this at all. 

So when eating an éclair and someone comments on how indulgent it is. I’m thinking Oh? Right I chose the éclair cause it looked the lightest. Some people eat delicately and I can’t think of anything more unsexy. Maybe this is why I'm still single.  I have always thought it to be sexy to eat wildly and to use my fingers. Even if I'm full I’ ll keep going because that is sensual. Kim is rolling those eyes right now I can feel them. But lets not be scared of food and I mean in the act of eating not the putting weight on bit because i do believe in Moderation: Everything in moderation even moderation. I watch people eating our buns with a knife and fork and it upsets me.  lift it up squeeze it, let that tomato juice go down your sleeve.  BITE IT!  Your face might be soar afterwards but that doesn’t seem to stop all these bearded men getting snogged, does it?   I would like to add its not the dripping cream from the eclair that I find sexy, it’s the action of the cake in the hand the fact that it is unmanageable but we persevere. It is on my face but that’s fine because my mouth is attached to my face. Its not the licking of the fingers that’s sexy it’s the fact that the fingers have chocolate on them it cannot be avoided. And when you think its all gone you lookdown to find a big blob of chocolate mess on your knee… And the fun begins again because you haven’t, actually, finished that Chocolate Éclair. 

The point is, I'm making eclairs soon.

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