Tuesday, 21 January 2014

watch out katie and kims kitchen's about

What Katie thinks...

So, finally Kim and I are going to be posting our recipes on line, and also comprising a cookbook.  But before we start to indulge you all in our secrets, I would like to share with you a method that you can use in any cooking or baking.  This is role-play with your self or another, depending on the personality of the other. 

You can be wherever you want.  I usually pretend I live in a big house and I am cooking for all the workers and my lovers (yes that was plural).   When you are  peeling an onion and  your eyes start to run.  Go with it.  Pretend your crying and start shouting at someone make believe, unless there is a willing other.  Pretend your lover has left you for another or your crying with happiness because your lover has returned after winning a really prestigious award!  It does not need to always be about love.  Sometimes I pretend I am being held at knife point and have to cook the perfect steak or I die.  Or you can also pretend you’re a TV host!

This as well as making something really tasty makes cooking that little bit more enjoyable ( as if that could be possible).

I’m just going to send this to Kim and see what she has to say about this.  x

What Kim thinks....

What Katie has described is not a joint (or consciously joint) approach we share in cooking and now that i am aware she is thinking about her "lovers", it makes me slightly uncomfortable about the occasional silent moments we have where i admire Katie really getting into her kneading techniques.  It is true we will be comprising a book with our most loved recipes and meals but it will be highly edited and any obscenities or personal awkwardness's Katie is keen to share will be deeply considered before sending to print.

Watch this virtual space because the recipies are soon to be flooding in...

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